Whether your job is operating in slurry ponds, responding to hazardous material calls or completing a tricky landscaping project, the safety of your machine operators is paramount.  Operators can now safely control Cat® machines from outside the cab and efficiently get jobs done with the cutting edge technology of Cat COMMAND and RemoteTask™ remote control system.

With Cat COMMAND, the machine is controlled from outside the cab. The operator is out of harm’s way, using either an over-the-shoulder operator console or line-of-sight remote-control operation, or a comfortable remote operator station offering line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight control.  Operators are protected from on-site dangers, environmental hazards and prolonged exposure to noise, dust and vibration. 


Caterpillar is the industry leader in remote operation with years of proven experience on mine sites around the world. Building on that technology, Cat COMMAND, with its deeply integrated control system, delivers efficiency and precision on unstable surfaces, handling hazardous materials or working in dozens of other applications.


RemoteTask™ is a remote control system designed exclusively for Cat D Series Skid Steers, Multi-Terrain and Compact Track Loaders. Operators work outside the cab with wireless control up to 1000 feet away, while maintaining the same levels of efficiency and accuracy.

It only takes about an hour for a Cat dealer to install the RemoteTask system. With the system installed, the machine can transition from manual to remote mode at the turn of a key switch. The system is completely transferrable between units. The RemoteTask™ control system will run every Cat attachment that the machine will support.  Applications such as paving, demolition, trenching, chemical handling and law enforcement become safer with the RemoteTask™ remote control system.


COMMAND enables you to implement remote control, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous mining equipment systems - offering unprecedented improvements in operator safety, equipment availability and site productivity.

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Designed for all Cat® D Series loaders, RemoteTask™ was created for one purpose: to remove the operator from the cab without sacrificing anything in terms of operational control, feel, and accuracy.

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CONEXPO Attendees Remotely Operate Machines at Caterpillar Exhibit

Attendees try out Cat® COMMAND and RemoteTask™ remote control systems at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017.

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