Top 5 Reasons To Buy The New Cat® 325F Excavator

From 1 to 35 tons, no manufacturer has a broader lineup of compact radius excavators than Caterpillar. Here are five good reasons to add a 25-ton model, the Cat® 325F compact radius excavator, to your team:

1. Work confidently in tight quarters. When rotated 90 degrees, the 325F’s back end extends just five inches (135 mm) beyond the track.  

2. Dig, lift, and load with authority. Groundbreaking force, 27,000 pounds (12 246 kg) of lift capability, and buckets up to 2.08 yd3 (1.59 m3) make tough work easy.  

3. Do more work with less fuel. The 325F produces more power than the model it replaced yet uses up to 22 percent less fuel. 

4. Lower your carbon footprint. The machine meets today’s emissions standards while using up to 22 percent less fuel to help conserve our natural resources.    

5. Count on industry-leading service life. With proper maintenance, the 325F can withstand rugged applications over the long haul. 

Contact your local Cat dealer for more good reasons to choose a Cat compact radius excavator.

Find out the top five reasons to buy the new Cat® 325F excavator.

325F L Excavator


Versatility, productivity, efficiency, sustainability, and durability are what you’ll get with the Cat® 325F excavator.

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