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Cat® UTVs for Construction Applications

UTVs can bring a lot of value to the job site. However, it’s important to understand that not every UTV is purpose-built for work. Many may not have the features and capabilities you need to get the work done. That said, we caught up with Norma Aldinger, Caterpillar UTV product expert, and Frattalone Companies, a Minnesota-based construction contractor, to highlight some important considerations to make in your UTV purchase or rental decision.

Norma’s Guide to Finding the Ideal Utility Vehicle:

  • Adequate load-hauling capability is a must, but why not look for superior? UTVs are often used to haul substantial loads on the job site—anything from the crew’s tools to hardscape materials to utilities piping. Therefore, you want to select a utility vehicle with more than enough rear cargo and/or towing capacity to handle the tasks at hand. Additionally, it’s a good idea to consider the cargo bed material. A side-by-side with an all-steel cargo bed is going to be much more durable and customizable than a plastic bed.
  • Stability equals reliability. Job site terrain can vary greatly, especially depending on the weather during your projects. It’s important to pick a UTV with a suspension system that provides stable transport on any terrain, whether you’re hauling a full load or not.
  • Hassle-free maintenance means less downtime. We all know it … downtime is the enemy on the job site. So when it comes time to service your equipment, it needs to be quick and simple. Some UTVs on the market today were purposely designed with this in mind—providing easy access to service points so you can perform necessary maintenance at any time, even when you’re in less favorable conditions or environments. In addition to simple DIY maintenance, it’s also important to research UTVs that come backed by dealer support and service to assist with any repairs, machine maintenance or product questions.
  • Comfort is key. The work week is hard enough. Why make it harder on yourself (or your crew) by riding around in a UTV that doesn’t offer a smooth ride and comfortable cab? For the smooth ride portion, an advanced suspension system is critical—such as a four-wheel independent suspension with sway bar to deliver a balance between smooth riding and load hauling. Additionally, look for a UTV cab that’s easy to get in and out of with ample head, shoulder and leg room—also important for backseat passengers if you select a 5-seat model. Check to see if the UTV has an adjustable driver seat and steering column, as well.
  • You want to be able to have a conversation while riding. Oftentimes, transporting your crew in a UTV at the beginning of the day is the only chance you get to catch up on tasks at hand. In these instances, it's especially important to have a UTV with minimal noise and vibration levels while operating.

Cat UTV Options

As long-time UTV customers, the crew at Frattalone Companies echoed many of the points in Norma’s guide, along with a few additional insights on utility vehicles.

“We have been using and testing utility vehicles on large projects for more than five years, and they are a very big part of our fleet,” said Tony Frattalone, president of the company. “If you think about it, it’s more economical to transport people and tools across a site using a $15,000 UTV compared to a $65,000 pickup.”

“We’ve had two seasons of rain here and job site conditions are rough,” said Lee Gass, site superintendent. “You need a UTV that can get through the mud, get through the ruts. Good traction is key.”

“If you can find a UTV that can get through muddy conditions, carry the tools you need, charge the batteries you need … the time savings are huge,” another crew member added.



Cat CUV85

Cat CUV85D

The 5-seat, gas-powered Cat Utility Vehicle offers the rugged capabilities and smooth ride of the CUV82, with room for more.

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Cat CUV105 D

Cat CUV105D

The 5-seat, diesel-powered Cat Utility Vehicle provides ample leg room and a comfortable ride for everyone — in the front or the back seat.

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Cat CUV82

Cat CUV82

With a maximum speed of 45 MPH, a 50 hp engine and 1,000 lb. rear cargo capacity, the gas-powered CUV82 is ready to perform on any work site.

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Cat CUV102 D

Cat CUV102D

Featuring a 1,000 lb. capacity steel cargo bed and 4-wheel independent suspension, the diesel-powered CUV102 D is designed for stable load hauling and transport over any terrain.

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