TPEM Digital Plant Control

Digital Plant Control

Digital Plant Control

The Total Plant and Energy Management (TPEM) System

Modern energy plants feature complex applications and custom circuitry. Automation and closed-loop control with maximum operating security and seamless communication play a key role, which is where TPEM steps in. TPEM gives you comprehensive digital control of your generator set’s efficiency and performance without the need for additional controls.

Revolutionizing Control Systems

TPEM features flexible, highly efficient controls for your plant that will help reduce planning and installation costs. With TPEM, you also get:

  • Configurable modules for individual customer and application solutions
  • One user interface for complete power plant control and setup
  • Software and hardware from one source for full generator set performance and maximum reliability
  • Easy to use, multilingual 15" touchscreen with intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Full gas engine and generator set control including mixture and engine cooling circuit as well as cooler and ventilation control. Full integrated remote access, synchronization, power switch and plant control
  • Collection of data on the system and power plant status
  • Ready for Cat Connect services

Redefining Control Standards

TPEM is certified to the highest industry standards and offers secure maintenance and customer access via TPEM Remote Client, as well as:

  • Dual user authentication with USB token and password.
  • Fulfils highest industry security standard ISO 27001
  • Certified according to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards in the U.S. and Canada
  • Comprehensive support of the required Grid Code requirements