Top 10 Features of the Cat® D Series Wheel Skidder

Here are the top reasons why you’ll want to take a look at the Cat® D Series skidder:

    1.    We gave loggers what they asked for

The D Series was developed with extensive input from loggers. At every stage, they provided feedback so we could be sure the skidder was going to do what you need it to do.

    2.    Out pulls other skidders

You’ll feel the power pulling a full drag uphill. Tires stay on the ground for smooth, stable turns, too.

    3.    Runs cool

You can really work this skidder. The high capacity cooling system and on-demand hydraulically driven fan keep the machine running at the proper temperature.

    4.    Repels debris and snow

Air is pulled in from the side and exhausted out the opposite side. This prevents hot air from circulating and debris or snow from collecting in the engine compartment. The fan automatically reverses every 20 minutes to blow out debris.

    5.    Cab tilts

The tilting cab, bolt-on panels around the base of the cab and removable steps mean you can get to most everything without a struggle.

    6.    Faster multi-functioning

You can steer, back up and activate arch, boom and grapple functions at the same time, so cycle times are significantly faster.

    7.    More control

Six-speed transmission, lock-up torque converter and independent front and rear differential locks give you more control and speed.

    8.    More comfort and visibility

Watch your drag through tall windows in quiet comfort with seat-mounted grapple joysticks at your fingertips.

    9.    Four models plus options

Models from 203 hp (151 kW) to 275 hp (205 kW) with options for single or dual function arches and logging or retrieval winches.

   10.   Worldwide dealer network

No matter where you are, a Cat® dealer is nearby to provide the support you need to keep you productive.

The Cat® D Series skidder out pulls other skidders.

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