Top Features of the SATCO 325 Processor

Caterpillar sells and supports the full line of SATCO processing and directional felling heads. Headquartered in New Zealand, SATCO Ltd. designs and manufactures a wide range of forestry attachments built to handle rugged logging conditions around the world.

Through Cat® dealers worldwide, Caterpillar provides support and stocks genuine service and maintenance parts for the complete line of SATCO heads. All SATCO products are backed by Caterpillar warranties.

Top features of the SAT325 processor, a three-roller head with an optimal delimbing capacity of 75-640 mm (3-25 inches) diameter and a maximum cutting capacity of 800 mm (31.5 inches):

●     The beefy heads are constructed using high-grade materials with 60-80 mm (2.38-3.13 in.) roller and delimb arm pins for strength and durability.

●     Main valves are rated at 420 bar (6100 PSI) and easily handle carrier pressures.

●     The SATCO-designed heavy-duty 3/4 in. main saw and Poclain MS11 drive motors are proven to stand up in large-heavy timber applications

●     Three feed rollers with four drive motors provide the perfect combination of speed and torque for efficient processing of large timber.

●     SATCO’s “Hose Through Center System” with 360-degree continuous rotation encases and protects the hoses. Hoses are routed through the centerline of the pins, which means the connecting hoses can be short. It also eliminates any possible over-bending and rubbing of the hoses, which can cause premature failure.

●     SATCO’s “Dead-Lock” pin retention system locks the knife and roller arm pins in place to provide increased structural support along with improved bushing life and extended service intervals.

●     SATCO’s “Tri-Knife System” gives the logger the ability to easily center logs in the head when pulling out of a pile. This system also runs the tree true and straight through the head for more efficient delimbing and accurate length measurement.


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The Cat® 541 Series 2 track harvester equipped with the SAT325 processor.

SAT325 Harvester/Processor Head

The SAT325/SAT325T harvester/processor heads are designed for optimal delimbing capacity from 75 – 640 mm (3-25 in).

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