Caterpillar takes an active role in influential trade associations that have a significant impact on industry issues affecting your line of work.

Through our affiliation with these associations, Caterpillar team members are able to build a relationship with industry professionals to ensure their needs are met. This has led directly to recent machine improvements with regard to safety, emissions and technology. Firsthand customer feedback helps Caterpillar design machines that enable snow and ice professionals to achieve specific goals that keep their businesses running strong.

“Caterpillar invests time, energy and resources with our association partners because we want to know how to best serve our customers,” said John Janes, sales & marketing, Caterpillar. “Playing an integral role with these groups – through membership, sponsorship and education – helps us hear the voice of the customer, which is invaluable for us, and often leads to changes and improvements to equipment.”

Caterpillar is an active member and proud sponsor of the following industry associations:

Education & Certification:
Supporting Industry Professionals

At Caterpillar, industry engagement doesn't stop with membership, sponsorship and educational resources. Industry certifications offer Cat employees the opportunity to hone their skills and further develop their areas of specialty.

“Cat employees are always working toward building on our skill set and expertise,” said Erin Bennett, commercial analyst, Caterpillar. “Industry certifications – like the Certified Snow Professional (CSP) title I’m pursuing now – offer us the opportunity to build on our base of knowledge, so that we can be of even greater service to customers.”

Taking an active role in key industry associations and groups is one more way that Caterpillar associates are keeping their finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends and best practices – which ultimately benefits customers.

Erin is just one of Caterpillar’s industry-certified subject matter experts who can serve as a valuable resource for you. Connect with one today.

National Association of Landscape Professionals

Landscape Industry Certified Professional (LIC)

John Janes, LIC, ASM, CSP
(919) 605-2361

Jason Becker, LIC
(919) 465-2761

Kris Nagy, LIC*
(860) 930-4029

Snow & Ice Management Association

Advanced Snow Manager, Certified Snow Professional (ASM, CSP)

John Janes, LIC, ASM, CSP
(919) 605-2361

Erin Bennett, ASM,
(919) 708-6538

Sherrie Williams, ASM, CSP*
(919) 550-1295

*Denotes certifications that are in progress