Cat Snow Attachments

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Find out how Cat® attachments for snow & ice applications can power your business all winter long.

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Cat® Snow Plows and Snow Pushes are designed for moving snow in a wide range of applications, helping you remove it from any surface safely and efficiently while reducing salt build up. Built to perform in the harshest winter weather, these precision attachments are engineered for wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, multi terrain loaders and compact track loaders.

When the snow is really coming down, downtime is not an option. We know this, and work to keep you running strong. Caterpillar is here to enhance your fleet – so you can max out your winter profits.

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Relying on Cat Attachments for snow & ice applications is the best way to accumulate more business this winter. Watch them work.


Snow Plows

Snow Plows

Snow Pushes

Snow Pushes

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