Cat ® Asset Intelligence Opens Doors For Operational Efficiency

Cat ® Asset Intelligence Opens Doors For Operational Efficiency
Cat ® Asset Intelligence Opens Doors For Operational Efficiency

Cat ® Asset Intelligence Opens Doors For Operational Efficiency


Predict problems and improve operational efficiency with Cat® Asset Intelligence

Monitoring the performance of engines is a critical part of the marine industry. Today’s modern ships have exponentially more computer power than just a few years ago. If you have one sensor on one ship, then you get close to 100,000 data points per day, and much of it is just noise, making it hard to find the data that actually makes a difference. 

Given that today’s power systems generate an overwhelming amount of data—too much, in fact, for many equipment managers to handle—now there’s an easier way to track and manage your equipment assets, no matter where they’re located.

Cat® Asset Intelligence gathers and analyzes all the ship’s data, predicts potential problems, and improves operational efficiency—all from the data you already have on board. 

Whether you only want to access the data, be informed of an unsafe condition, or be advised on how to improve the efficiency of your operation, Caterpillar Marine has the right combination of technologies and services for you and your business.

When you choose the services that let you focus on running your core business more efficiently, you allow for maximum profitability. We help provide customers with the highest level of consultative and customized services along with the right platform to fit varying levels of business needs.

Caterpillar Marine digital services span from fuel monitoring, fuel optimization, and total vessel equipment monitoring to provide increased fleet operational efficiency. Pair this with a Customer Value Agreement (CVA) and you can achieve more with your Cat dealer to optimize maintenance schedules and total operations.

The Cat Marine service offerings for the offshore segment span from remote monitoring of individual assets to full Fleet Advisory services, leveraging qualified data to make the best decisions possible. The majority of these services are not limited to Cat engines but can be extended to other non-Cat supplied equipment, providing a total vessel and total fleet solution.



Combining Cat Asset Intelligence (AI), Predictive Maintenance services, Cat Fleet Advisor and a level 3 Cat Customer Value Agreement will provide the highest level of consultative equipment management. Utilizing Cat AI’s clear recommendations, along with Cat Fleet Advisor, our services feature Genuine Cat Parts delivered right on schedule to your location by a Cat dealer technician ready to perform repairs or maintenance.


Expert Guidance

You’ll be supported by an industry veteran with deep expertise in product, application, technical and business issues. We can review the analytics data and provide deeper data-driven action on top of the recommendations provided. Our focus is the future. We strive to predict and prevent problems so you can optimize uptime and reduce total costs. We’ll tell you what’s happening now, what could happen later and when it’s critical to take action.

Predictive Maintenance Services from Cat AI brings value to your organization by providing:

  • Advanced predictive analytics enable early insights into the efficiency and operations of your equipment.

  • Automated and predictive recommendations providing data-driven action for your vessels and fleet.

  • Fuel optimization providing insight on ways to best operate to save fuel costs.

  • Standardized and Customized Reporting to summa­rize operational profiles and recommendations for increased fleet efficiency.

  • Alerts and Notifications allowing all stakeholders to be aware of potential upcoming issues.

  • Fleet Advisory services enabling Caterpillar’s experts to provide customized recommendations and support for your vessels and fleet.


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"Cat® Asset Intelligence predicts problems and improves operational efficiency"




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