A Closer Look at the Facts: Asset Intelligence

Imagine how much you’d know about an engine if you’d spent over 4,500 years monitoring it? How to get the most out of it, protect it, and know when it’s time for repairs. With 40 million hours of marine engine data, Caterpillar Marine’s Asset Intelligence draws on vast knowledge and experience to help you stay on top of your engine performance and maintenance. And, most importantly, lets you stay focused on your real job – the voyage ahead.

See the bigger picture as well as the focus areas with Cat Asset Intelligence by combining advanced predictive analytics and expert advisory services across all twenty plus critical systems – or across your entire fleet. Integration is seamless across varying enterprise systems, including CMMS. What’s more is that you can rely on a technology that has over 15 years of experience monitoring and analyzing over 75 OEMs.

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Cat® Marine Digital Services

Whether you only want to access the data, be informed of an unsafe condition, or be advised on how to improve the efficiency of your operation, Caterpillar Marine has the right combination of services for you and your business.

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Introducing Cat Asset Intelligence

When downtime is simply not an option, Marine Asset Intelligence (MAI) is your solution. MAI is a service that combines remote monitoring with expert analysis to ensure uptime.