Introducing Cat® Asset Intelligence


When downtime is simply not an option, Marine Asset Intelligence (MAI) is your solution. MAI is a service that combines remote monitoring with expert analysis to ensure uptime. This enables you to improve on the most critical aspects of operations and, at the same time, reduce total cost of ownership. With about 40 million hours of marine engine data and analytics, Cat® Asset Intelligence can be trusted to protect, improve and optimize your business.

Deciphering Big Data doesn’t have to cut into your valuable operating time. Caterpillar has set a goal to make installation and cost for the solution simple and digestible for customers. Watch the following video to learn more about how you can operate at top efficiency with real-time data at your fingertips. 


Marine Applications For Vessel Monitoring

Asset Intelligence services are custom-tailored to suit your specific marine vessel monitoring and analytics needs.

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Case Studies

See how Asset Intelligence has helped customers maximize the value of their vessels

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