It Packs a Punch : Meet the C7.1 Propulsion Engine

It Packs a Punch: Meet the C7.1 Propulsion Engine


Get a closer look at the Cat® C7.1 marine propulsion engine as Caterpillar Marine sales manager Charlson Smith discusses key features and benefits in this walkaround. Compatible with smaller vessels and motoryachts ranging from 25 to 60 feet long, the C7.1 is the prime choice for your recreational boating applications. The C7.1 comes in three different ratings including 400, 450 and 500 hp. All C7.1 power ratings meet EPA Tier 3, IMO II, EU Recreational Craft Directive and EU Stage IIIA regulations.

“The engine offers a superior power to weight ratio, resulting in a swift response time and speedy acceleration,” Smith notes. “Beyond the quiet, smokeless performance of the C7.1, a key benefit to the customer is the serviceability of the engine due to its small footprint. Maintenance is made easy even in the most compact of engine rooms.”

The C7.1 marine engine features a high pressure common rail fuel system which enables optimum combustion, quiet operation and low emissions. Additionally, the engine offers class leading service intervals for the aftercooler and heat exchanger of 1,000 hours. With standard components such as a watercooled exhaust manifold and turbo, as well as options including factory installed marine gears and gear coolers, the C7.1 can be easily configured to the owner’s specifications for new construction or repowers.

Find out more about the Cat C7.1 components and accessories in the following video.


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