Smooth operator: The Three60 Pod 650's innovative transmission system

Smooth operator: The Three60 Pod 650's innovative transmission system

What makes the new Cat® Three60 650 propulsion system such a game changer for maneuverability in yachts? One key reason is the Twin Disc® QuickShift™ technology built into the Three60 Pod 650’s transmission. In this interview, Hashim Marzuq, our Marine Propulsion Solutions Application and Installation Team Leader, explains how this revolutionary transmission system delivers smooth, fast shifting – plus unparalleled slow-speed control.

Q: What problem does the Three60 Pod 650 solve for boaters?

A: Well, I’ll give you an example. Ask any boater, and they’ll tell you one of the most stressful parts of operating a yacht is docking. If you’ve got a 60’ boat and only 62’ of dock space, you’re going to be worried about hitting the dock or another boat. Especially if you’re fighting a current or a gusty wind.


Q: So it’s about better slow-speed control?

A: Exactly. The deeper gear ratio in the Three60 Pod 650 means the propellers can already turn slower while the engine is running faster, say at 600 RPMs. Add in the QuickShift™ technology and its ability to precisely engage and slip the clutch, and you can control the rotation of the propellers down to 50 rpm. When you incorporate the Three60 Pod 650 joystick and its proportional 360 degree ability to control yacht movement, even a first-time operator will be able to maneuver and dock like an experienced captain.


Q: What about shifting to higher speeds?

A: Another amazing thing about Three60 Pod 650 is that it lets you go from neutral to a wide-open throttle very quickly without any jarring lurch. Shifting is amazingly smooth – even from forward to reverse. And that’s also thanks to the patented QuickShift™ technology in the transmission system. You simply push the levers forward to accelerate the engines and engage the transmissions. The yacht responds almost instantly with a lot of “cushioned” low-end torque, bringing you to full power and speed surprisingly fast.


Q: Seems like smoothness is a common theme here.

A: Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new yacht owner or a salty dog with years of experience. The Three60 Pod 650 system is about ease, confidence and comfort. You can never have too much of that.

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Cat® Three60 Pod 650 is designed for the Cat C8.7 electronically controlled marine propulsion engine, providing unmatched response and performance.