The Right Choice: Tier 4 Marine Engines with SCR Technology

As the commercial marine industry adjusts their operations to meet EPA Tier 4 and IMO III emissions standards, Caterpillar Marine has introduced a solution built to maximize performance while meeting regulations. Caterpillar’s combination of a fuel-efficiency-optimized engine and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment system is a solution that not only reduces NOx emissions, but can also lower a customer’s owning and operating costs in the process. Caterpillar Marine customers like Harley Marine Services discuss the importance of staying clean and efficient, and how Caterpillar’s SCR technology helps to achieve this goal.

With Tier 4 SCR technology, Caterpillar is able to offer a highly reliable, fuel efficient engine with a significant reduction in emissions. “Our customers can’t afford to be out at sea and have a failure that can put them down,” Brent Nelson Caterpillar Marine territory sales manager noted. “So when we have our proven, reliable 3500 engine, they can be guaranteed that they can continue their operations and have the highest uptime possible even with our Tier 4 solutions.”

SCR technology has allowed Caterpillar to improve on marine engine designs and packages, while allowing systems to remain compact and easy to service, even improving overall fuel economy.


Discover why Caterpillar Marine customers like Harley Marine Services say Tier 4 Final engines with SCR technology are the better choice, by far.
With our Tier 4 SCR technology, we are able to make our engines more fuel efficient, as well as reducing the emissions significantly.
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