What if you could create one big, customized virtual engine out of your individual off-the-shelf engines?

With Cat® Multi-Engine Optimizer you can.


The days of having four or six identical engines always operating at an equally shared load could be over. Because Cat® MEO gives you the flexibility to have any combination of small, medium, and large diesel-electric and mechanical-hybrid engines and batteries all operating at independent load points – creating one big virtual engine that is customized to each vessel. 

How does it work? Well, MEO is an advisory system. It uses engine performance maps to tell the existing power management system which engines to use, and at what load points, to deliver the highest possible levels of performance, reliability and efficiency (the fancy term for this is “dynamic asymmetrical load allocation”). In short, MEO helps optimize everything – whether it’s fuel economy, maintenance intervals, emissions output or engine response.


Best of all, the performance improvements aren’t just theoretical. Want to know how much fuel MEO has saved you that day, that trip, or over the life of your vessel? There it is in black and white on the MEO touch screen.

At just one meter tall, the MEO cabinet is compact and fits easily into a vessel’s engine room or engine control room. It involves only a handful of wire connections to power management and fuel metering devices, plus a Modbus connection to the vessel data system, making it quick to install.

What does all this mean to you? If you’re an owner, you’ll appreciate that 85–90% of the value of MEO is fuel savings. If you’re in charge of maintenance, you’ll like how that fuel savings translates into reduced maintenance. And if you’re a naval architect or designer, you’ll enjoy greater design flexibility.

It’s time to change the way we measure engine performance. With MEO, no longer is it a question of how one engine performs against another. Instead, it’s about bringing together the optimal combination of different engines to give you that competitive edge.





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