Asset intelligence

Asset intelligence

In the past, most problems that arose on a ship could be solved with a big wrench and a healthy dose of curiosity. Today, modern ships have more advanced computers than NASA used to operate the space shuttle. At Caterpillar we appreciate the importance of big data. By adding intelligence to the process of sorting through the vast amounts of information, we are able to provide a predictive analytics solution for you and your operation, helping you avoid false positives, with up to 95% accuracy. Cat® Asset Intelligence (AI) is focused on providing technology-enabled services and solutions to prevent problems before they can manifest themselves on the ship and cause breakdowns, reduced efficiency or unsafe conditions, and to operate more safely and sustainably.

The technology allows us to automatically collect data from existing onboard sources such as sensors, the ship’s control system or from the equipment itself. Automated analytics then qualify, validate and analyze the data, removing noise to focus efforts on what is important. The analytics are used to identify potential issues and provide potential solutions. Simply put, Cat Asset Intelligence takes the guesswork out of the equation and identifies the problem – before it becomes a problem. Cat AI is a package of software and services that offer you the security and confidence to plan your operation and get on with the job, and the implementation of it is easy and usually done in less than 36 hours. Looking at how much you can save – it is time well spent. And, most importantly, Cat AI lets you stay focused on your real job – the voyage ahead.


Advanced analytics enabling Smart data capture, and analysis to reduce ship to shore data transfer by 99%+ and to provide timely and actionable information & recommendations, not just remote monitoring.


Information is always available. Onboard every individual ship in your fleet or in the office at shore.


Experienced operators, maintenance & repair technicians, and data analysts provide actionable advisories in every situation.


Downtime is never an option. Maximize uptime and productivity by maintaining and operating equipment for maximum performance.


Save downtime with longer service intervals and reduce the total cost of ownership.


Information is power and Caterpillar Marine technology puts the right data in the right hands to help you effectively monitor your assets with solutions and analytics for the entire vessel.


Many manufacturers rely on OEM solutions to create unique equipment to meet the needs of any project.


Reduce total vessel fuel burn and increase fuel efficiency. Ensure fuel accountability and avoid fuel theft.


Enjoy seamless and smooth integrations with enterprise systems from other manufacturers.


HOW? By collecting real data and using proven analytics and expert advisories to identify the problem – before it becomes a problem. By measuring the relationship between two variables, the exhaust temperature and engine speed when operating in a steady state, Cat Asset Intelligence is able to analyze the appropriate data for each different failure mode and provide not only the status of the equipment, but also advisory recommendations to remedy any identified issues. By maintaining and operating equipment for maximum performance and reliability. By looking at both the bigger picture and focus areas by combining advanced predictive analytics and expert advisory services across all your critical systems – or across your entire fleet. By experienced operators, maintenance & repair technicians, and data analysts provide actionable advisories. By analytics and advisory services cover equipment condition, including both Cat and non Cat diesel engines.


To minimize downtime and maximize reliability. To operate sustainably, more efficiently and safely for their crew and their equipment. To protect your equipment and increase equipment performance. To help reduce total vessel fuel burn and increase fuel efficiency. To ensure fuel accountability and reduce emissions by burning less fuel. Because downtime is not an option. To maximize uptime and increase productivity. To optimize service intervals and reduce the risk and total cost of ownership. To integrate your existing enterprise systems, including coal mine methane. To predict and avoid failures.


1 Ship has 6,000 sensors Data is collected once per second from each sensor That’s 518,400,000 points per day for a single ship 1 Excel workbook (Column A-Z) can hold 1,690,000 data points ~306 Excel files per day! ~112K Excel files per year per ship


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