From torque to thrust

From torque to thrust

Caterpillar Marine has a century of experience designing engines and propellers and we’ve spent much of that time getting to know the challenges tug operators face on a daily basis. Now we’ve put all that together to create an optimized solution – the Cat ® MTA tug propulsion package. With a combined 193-year experience of building propellers and engines for the marine market, and as world leaders on the harbor tug market, it was only natural for us to take the next step. We looked at operational challenges in closer detail to identify the specific configuration of propellers, azimuth units, shaft design, and engines that would give the best and most cost-effective performance.



Life for a harbor tug and its crew is busy and relentless so the solution needs to be hassle-free and trustworthy. The torque, thruster design, and control have to be up to the job giving tugs the right bollard pull and maneuverability and, at the same time, optimal fuel efficiency. Putting all of our experience into the design, we’ve been able to optimize throughout – from the robust propeller design to the bell housing-mounted clutch. Ensuring a highly reliable and easily maintained operation.



Suitable for new builds or retrofits, the MTA tug package is also optimized for fast and straightforward installation. Smart features like built-on seal tanks and coolers in the azimuth unit, plus the complete clutch unit, mean that the project runs smoothly and the tug is quickly out on the water, ready to go. In addition, the worldwide Caterpillar network ensures dependable support and high quality planned maintenance. We’ve combined experience, high performance and dedicated service to bring you a customized solution.


The azimuth thruster offers flexibility when it comes to installation. It comes with a variety of options for shaft arrangement, minimized oil volume, and a [1] tug-optimized nozzle design, which has quick and simple 3-point bolt attachment The compact design and [2] bell housing-mounted clutch offers easy installation, reduced maintenance and high performance. [3] The high-speed engine promises faster response time, lower emission levels and longer maintenance intervals. One control panel for both clutch and thruster with engine start and stop and interface to autopilot, DP and joystick.



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