Heart and soul

Heart and soul

Welcome to a show-stopping performance from the C280-16!


Close your eyes. No, wait. Don’t close your eyes because then you can’t read this … OK. Imagine your eyes are closed … You’re below deck, within touching distance of a majestic Cat® C280-16 engine. The PLC controller silently kicks in and you jump as you hear the squeal of the compressed air starter. Then the accelerating crescendo of firing cylinders. You hear the jet-engine shriek that lays the top notes over the deep, throaty rumble of raw, driving power.

Power that settles into a steady, pounding rhythm. You feel the ship come alive under your feet as you surge forward towards new adventures… That’s what we call Cat® performance. It’s also the soundtrack of one of our favorite YouTube videos – and a favorite amongst our fans. 82 seconds of a C280-16 starting up. We love the reactions:

C280-16 Start up

Cat C280-16 diesel engine startup. Engine is a V16 generator set, 7500 HP. Engine autostart testing in a new installation. Engine was remotely started, ramped up to 900 RPM (full speed) and generator breaker closed. Engine has dual starting motors. They are TDI "turbotwin" air turbine motors.


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