Make the harbor your playground

Make the harbor your playground

The Cat® Three60 Pod system sets a new standard for propulsion in yachts – and gives the term “pleasure craft” new meaning.

Sun, wind and sea spray: for pure exhilaration, there’s nothing like cruising full-speed out on the open sea. It’s all about freedom and power. But the harbor is a different story. Navigating through such tight, crowded spaces is all about slow speeds, surgical focus and total confidence. Now with the launch of the Cat Three60 Pod system, never before has a propulsion solution offered such a brilliant combination of raw power and slow-speed precision, with the ability to shift seamlessly between the two.

Pleasure-craft owners will love how their boat responds instantly – and faithfully – to their every command. Whether they’re setting off on an early-morning outing or returning to the dock at the end of the day, now they can have just as much fun maneuvering through the harbor as when they’re cutting through blue water.


The Three60 Pod system is a complete, integrated solution consisting of an intuitive control panel, powerful Cat marine propulsion engines, seamless Twin Disc® QuickShift™ transmissions and largest-in-class Cat propellers. The result is a propulsion system that combines fast response, precise slow-speed navigation and smooth shifting for complete, effortless control over the boat’s every move.

“Push, twist, and go”
Directional maneuvering. Use the joystick or lever head for easy, intuitive navigation.

Transmission with Twin Disc® QuickShift™ technology
Seamless shifting in any direction, including from forward to reverse. Precise control at slow speeds. Smooth power transitions. No driveline shock.

Breakaway pod propulsor
Protects vessel in the event of impact.

Replaceable nose cone and skeg
For easier repairs.

Powerful Cat engine
Tough and reliable for peak system performance.


The pod series will consist of three separate propulsion systems, designed for vessels of different sizes.


THREE60 POD 507 – C7.1
Designed for the Cat C7.1 electronically controlled marine propulsion. Coming soon for 35–50’ yachts.


THREE60 POD 650 –C8.7
Designed for the Cat C8.7 electronically controlled marine propulsion engine. Available for 35–60’ yachts.


THREE60 POD 1000 – C12.9
Designed for the Cat C12.9 electronically controlled marine propulsion engine. Coming soon for 50–70’ yachts.


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