Top Reasons For Buying a Cat® Plow System

In high and medium coal seams longwall shearers are successfully used throughout the world. However, in coal seams below 1.8 meters down to 0.6 meters height, where there are many of the best coal reserves worldwide, Cat® automated plow systems are outperforming shearers.

The proven and reliable plow technology has found its way into new coal mines around the world. The Cat gliding plows GH800, GH1600, and newly launched GH800B are successfully operated in Germany, USA, China, Kasakhstan, Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia.

Cat plow technology facilitates integrated, fast overload protection for the plow chain and all drive train components through special Cat gearboxes. Moreover the plow system can easily follow undulated seams because of the proven horizon control system.


  • Cat plow systems operate automatically. There is no limitation by the operator traveling speed unlike with a shearer.

  • High plow speed (3.6 m/sec) is without limitation from loading.

  • High horsepower (up to 2 x 800 kW) can be installed for maximum productivity – even in lower seams.


  • Incremental plowing with exact cutting depths is suited to the coal hardness which ensures a defined cutting and a straight face.

  • The outrigger steering system allows effective handling of undulated seams.

  • Plow body height completely adjustable so that only coal is cut and no unnecessary rock.

  • Full face automation available through advanced electrical packages.


  • No operator is required to be in the face.

  • Cat plow roof supports provide sophisticated dust suppression.


  • A plow body consists of mechanical parts only. All wear parts are replaceable underground.
The GH800B plow with optimized plow body shape features improved production rates.

Cat® GH800B Longwall Plow System

Caterpillar modified its already-successful Cat® GH800 plow system to create the new technologically advanced GH800B, with improved design features enhancing productivity in minimum seam heights below 1.0 m (39 in).

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German Mine Finds Success in Low Seams with Customized Cat® Plow Systems

Two Cat® plow systems modified for specific operations are helping a German mining company successfully overcome the challenge of mining in low and thin coal seams.

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