Amphibious Dredging with Amphibex

The Amphibex amphibious dredge-excavator is a patented design that combines all the traditional functions of an excavator, a dredge and a crane into one unique machine in order to provide an innovative solution to the problem of efficiently and safely performing dredging chores in the gap between shore and deeper water.

Eight Amphibex models offer pumping capacities that range from 5,000 gpm to 44,000 gpm on the largest unit. When dredging, the Amphibex normally works in depths between 19 and 32 feet but can reach as deep as 52 feet with the larger models.

Powered by a reliable 1,000 hp Cat® C32 ACERT™ diesel engine, the newest Amphibex 1200P features a heavy-duty excavator-style boom. Other Cat components contained in the Amphibex include the slewing gear and swing motor for mounting the excavator arm. And there’s a Cat custom gearbox designed with eight PTO mounting faces to operate all the machine’s hydraulics, in addition to also operating the pump.

The Amphibex is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS navigation system to precisely guide its dredging efforts and help ensure compliance with regional environmental regulations.

Amphibex machines accept multiple attachments including:

  • Conventional, blade and ditch buckets
  • Bucket-pump shredder
  • Rake for vegetation control
  • Rotary head for shore excavation
  • Chopper head to cut through even the toughest vegetation

These work tools enable the Amphibex to handle every waterside job including:

  • Drainage work and shoreline interventions
  • Coastal restoration
  • Marsh creation
  • Restoration and cleaning of contaminated rivers
  • Place conduits, pipelines and underwater cables
  • Cleaning wastewater treatment basins
  • Ice breaking and prevention
  • Vegetation control
  • Exploitation of peat bogs
  • Creation of animal habitats
  • Recovery of mining waste, coal ash

What are the Amphibex Advantages?

Low cost of delivery – Smaller Amphibex can be transported on a single lowboy, requires no assembly assist, and can load onto and off of a trailer by itself.

Shallow draft – Amphibex operates and navigates in very shallow water, less than two feet. If the machine encounters no water it can “walk” across the area.

Maneuverability – The self-propelled Amphibex is extremely easy to maneuver. It maintains position using front stabilizers and rear adjustable spuds.

Ease of operation – Workers can be trained on the job and become productive operators very quickly with all-hydraulic joystick controls.

High production – Horizontal suction-pump bucket with horizontal cutter and two hydraulic pumps in the bucket delivers high production for heavy-duty dredging. The material is pushed not suctioned resulting in more solids, less water.

Versatility – Choose to remove material by dredge pipe or spray / broadcast material through a pipe spray. Special tools such as excavator bucket, rake for clearing vegetation or pile driver can be mounted to the operating boom.

Maintenance – Easy maintenance is integral to Amphibex design. Cat engines are standard to ensure reliable performance in all Amphibex models.

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