Improve Paving Efficiency With a Combination Compactor

Paving contractors are always searching for better ways to reach specified compaction densities. Meeting these with fewer passes and less time reduces machine operating and personnel costs, which improves profit margins. 

Your Cat dealership can help make this happen with the Weiler C110 Combination Compactor. This versatile, vibratory roller combines components of the Cat® CS54 Soil Compactor and the Cat CB64 Asphalt Compactor. 

Weiler integrates the back end of the Cat CS54 Soil Compactor, the tank and drum from the Cat CB64 Asphalt Compactor, and a variety of Cat components to create a unique product. Caterpillar OEM Solutions provides the Cat portions, which are covered by Caterpillar warranty and serviceable at Cat dealerships. 

Some of the top benefits to using a combination compactor include: 

  • Versatility: The C110 can work jobs ranging from large highways to individual driveways and it is also dual purpose - it is capable of working both asphalt and soil compacting jobs.  

  • Visibility: Front- and rear-facing work lights along with a rearview mirror provide excellent visibility both forward and backward. 

  • Operator Comfort: Features include controls, levers and gauges that are easily reachable by the operator. The hood design and rear-mounted radiator reduce sound levels. 

The C110 is powered by a Cat C4.4 electronic diesel engine with ACERT™ technology and reaches 132 hp. The compactor also features a static linear load at the front drum of 137.4 lb/in and a high centrifugal force of 31,000 pounds with a low centrifugal force of 12,400 pounds. 

The vibratory system provides high amplitude settings that apply extensive force. The single frequency and five amplitude settings provide high or low impacts for working on thick or thin lifts.  

The water spray system features triple filtration, dual spray bars with 10 nozzles, duel pumps and a 160-gallon tank. Two self-adjusting, spring-loaded scrapers and the system’s high-flow operation maximize drum coverage to prevent material build-up and keep the drum clean. 

Routine component service can be easily handled at ground level. The one-piece hood tilts forward providing exceptional access to the engine and cooling system. Extended oil service intervals increase uptime and reduce operating expenses.  

“With Caterpillar and Weiler stepping up, we’re now able to cover that combined market segment and serve our customers better,” says Larry Brown, paving product specialist for Wheeler Machinery in Salt Lake City. “We like to portray ourselves as a one-stop shop, where we can furnish everything from the paver to the brooms and rollers. This helps our customers have one point of contact for their jobs, which provides them with better customer service.” 

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Versatility, visibility, and operator comfort are among the top benefits of using a combination compactor. The Weiler C110 features proven Cat® components for a dual purpose machine capable of a wide variety of paving jobs.

Caterpillar OEM Solutions

Caterpillar OEM Solutions

Many manufacturers rely on Caterpillar OEM Solutions for partial configurations, or systems and first-fit components, to create unique equipment to meet the needs of your projects.

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Combination Compactor Meets Challenge of Asphalt Paving in Utah’s Wasatch Range

Combination Compactor Meets Challenge of Asphalt Paving in Utah’s Wasatch Range

Staker Parson Companies uses the Weiler C110, a combination compactor based on Cat® paving machines, to reach density specifications for challenging paving jobs in the mountains of Utah.

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