Manage Your Haul Roads with the Cat® Water Delivery and Control System

What’s important to you in a water delivery system? Safety, lowest possible cost, effective distribution of water? Are you in an arid environment where water is a precious resource? 

The Cat® Water Delivery & Control System (WDS) is available for the Cat 777G and 785D Off-Highway Truck Bare Chassis, a dependable, safe and fuel efficient truck platform.

More Efficient Way to Manage Your Haul Roads
Whether your goal is dust control or haul road maintenance, the Cat WDS is designed to put water to the ground in a controlled, intelligent way. 

One of the advantages of our system is our independence from engine speed. There are multiple advantages to this independence; fuel and water savings, spray pattern control, and an end to over watering. 

Our system reduces water volume as ground speed is reduced – preventing overwatering at haul road intersections, at the start of grades or when traffic is encountered. When the truck speed drops below 4.8 kph (3 mph), the system shuts off automatically to prevent overwatering. 

The system has other conveniences. It has a spray head shutoff button for on-coming traffic and an automatic shutoff when the tank is empty. Seven different automated spray pattern pre-configurations, including intermittent spray patterns, allow the operator to concentrate on more important safety issues like traffic, personnel and road conditions. 

Fuel savings come both from the extensive strategies available on the 777G and 785D bare chassis configuration and the water system. The 777G and 785D bare chassis configuration has two economy mode selections, plus auto-neutral idle and speed limiting. The Water Delivery System saves fuel by being independent of engine speed. We don’t require high rpm to achieve water pressure. In fact, the optional water cannon operates at full pressure as the truck idles. 

In addition to fuel savings, the Cat WDS is simple and cost effective to maintain. It has self-cleaning spray nozzles that open wide to eject debris. The system will automatically shut off when the water tank is empty to avoid pump seal failures, and troubleshooting is made simple by self-diagnostics displayed in the cab. 

Water conservation is achieved through the constant, flat controlled spray pattern that delivers optimal liters per square meter (gallons per square yard) and automatically shuts off below 3 mph. In addition, you’ll lose less spray to wind and evaporation as the system produces larger, heavier water droplets designed to reach the ground. 

The Cat WDS is simple to operate. The factory-built cab includes a display and joystick for cannon operation. With the help of optional cameras, the operator can stay in the cab to position the truck under the fill spout when it’s time to refill, and remote tank controls can automate this process even further. 

The system can be customized to meet your specific site needs and is available as an option from the factory on new 777G and 785D Off-Highway Truck Bare Chassis. For more information on this highly efficient water delivery system from Caterpillar, please contact your local Cat dealer.

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The Cat® 777G Off-Highway Truck with integrated Cat Water Delivery System is increasing safety and productivity at the Kinross gold mine in

OEM Solutions – Off-Highway Truck Bare Chassis

The Cat® Water Delivery & Control System (WDS) is available as an optional attachment with the 777G and 785D models and includes controls in the cab, a hydraulic pump and motor, a water pump and spray heads.

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Mine Productivity and Safety are Enhanced by the Cat® Water Delivery System

The Cat® 777G Off-Highway Truck with integrated Cat Water Delivery System provides increased fuel efficiency and productivity to mining customers such as Kinross Gold Corporation in Brazil.

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