3 Ways A4 Technology Takes A3 to New Levels

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Cat® G3600 Engines with A4 Technology Build on the A3’s Success

3 Ways A4 Technology Takes A3 to New Levels


With 4,500+ Cat® G3600 engines with ADEM™ A3 technology at work in gas compression—exceeding 150 million hours of reliable operation—it would be easy to fall victim to an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. Not at Caterpillar. We never stop looking for ways to improve, even on one of the most proven engines ever built. Here are three ways our G3600 A4 engines take power and performance to new heights.

1. More power—so you can generate more revenue regardless of location.

G3600 A4 engines give you a 5%+ horsepower increase compared to A3 models and deliver full power at up to 6,000 feet site altitude (8,000 feet for some platforms). Take advantage of new ambient rating capability to get even more power at lower temperatures—for a total horsepower increase of up to 12%.

How did we do it? Automated technology built into G3600 A4 engines senses temperature changes and redirects systems to respond automatically, whether it happens between morning and night, as weather systems pass through or on a seasonal basis. There’s no need for costly operations stoppages to reset processes to capture the temperature-change opportunity.

2. Expanded fuel flexibility—so you can run on virtually anything.

G3600 A4 engines operate over the widest range of fuel quality found in the gas compression industry. That means there’s no need for fuel gas treatment, reducing your costs. You can run at full power up to 1550 BTU gas with a derate schedule up to 2300 BTU.

How did we do it? Our new design includes a combustion strategy that enables a lower compression ratio, as well as a two-stage aftercooler that allows for a greater knock margin. Thanks to these changes, G3600 A4 engines can use fuels at a lower heating value between 750 and 2300 BTU, maintain full load with fuels down to 32MN, tolerate up to 20% inerts and accept up to 1,000ppm H2S.

3. Lower emissions—so you can get more horsepower per location.

G3600 A4 engines meet rigorous emissions standards—producing 40% less NOx, 20% less carbon monoxide and 60% less VOC. That’s a win for the environment and for you. You can confidently and reliably run Cat power throughout the operating range while maintaining compliance in a growing number of non-attainment areas.

How did we do it? An engine-mounted NOx sensor, an improved air/fuel ratio algorithm and better controls allow for more precise interaction between the engine’s closed loop feedback mechanisms and its Electronic Control Module.

A better version of an already formidable product—that’s what you get with G3600 A4 models. Talk to your Cat dealer today about putting these game-changing engines to work for your operation.

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