Material MattersChoosing the Right Fluid End Option for Your Environment

Material Matters

High pressures. Abrasive materials. Corrosive fluids. No two well stimulation applications are exactly the same, but they all share one thing in common—the need for components that can stand up to the toughest conditions. That’s especially true with fluid ends, which bear the brunt of the work. That’s why Caterpillar offers three material options, each built for long life and maximum uptime in various environments. Here’s some advice on choosing the right material for your application:

1. For lower pressures: standard-duty carbon steel

For lighter duty applications Cat® standard-duty carbon steel fluid ends deliver the strength and durability you need, cost effectively. Made from the highest quality forged steel, our standard-duty products undergo shot peening and proprietary autofrettage processes—all of which make them much less susceptible to cracking under pressure.

2. For higher pressures: XD carbon steel

If you experience cracking at early hours with standard-duty products, move up to Cat Extreme Duty (XD) carbon steel fluid ends. They feature a proprietary metallurgy resulting is a higher yield strength and additional corrosion resistance. Utilizing a larger forging and removing less material from the interior bores allows for a modified autofrettage process—which results in even more strength and crack resistance. Plus, a grooveless valve stop design eliminates stress risers of retaining groves, a common source of cracking.

3. For corrosive environments: XD stainless steel

If your environment entails both high pressures and highly corrosive fluids, consider Cat Extreme Duty stainless steel fluid ends. They offer all the benefits of XD carbon steel plus improved corrosion and cracking resistance—extending your maintenance intervals and lowering the total cost of ownership.

 All Cat fluid ends, regardless of material, are designed for easy compatibility with one another and with industry-standard products. Talk to your Cat dealer about selecting the right option for your environment.

Get More Life Out of Your Fluid Ends

Get More Life Out of Your Fluid Ends

It is impossible to stop fatigue, cracking and eventual failure. However it is possible to design fluid ends to withstand more fatigue. That’s what Cat® Extreme Duty (XD) carbon and stainless steel fluid ends deliver.

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Get more Information about Cat Well Service Pumps