Benefits of Machine Drive Power (MDP)

Cost Savings

  • Taxpayers will benefit from extended life of public projects, such as roads, airports, levees and other infrastructure investments
  • Fewer required passes mean lower costs, which are likely to reduce bids
  • Realizing compaction problems during the job so adjustments can be made immediately, avoiding rework

Fewer Passes

  • Reduced fuel burn
  • More efficient use of labor/labor costs
  • Productive use of machinery
  • Helps meet project deadlines


  • Display in cab provides operator with real-time feedback
  • Stiffness can be monitored both in the cab and remotely—at a computer, on an iPad, or over a smartphone
  • State and federal inspectors can remotely monitor a project

Data Collection

  • Does not measure as deeply as accelerometer-based system; monitors closer to the depth of the lift
  • Operators produce data on 100 percent of the surface, compared with 1 percent using traditional portable testing devices/methods
  • Works well on all types of soils: fines, granular and cohesive
  • Measures with the vibe system on or off; can handle proof rolling
  • Performs on smooth drums, padfoot drums or smooth drums equipped with shell kits
  • No need for core samples and the structural weaknesses they can create
Machine Drive Power, or MDP, measures the energy necessary to overcome rolling resistance, a more tangible and direct measurement of soil stiffness.

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