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For those in the asphalt paving industry seeking competitive advantages directly related to project costing and profitability, an innovative solution has arrived–Auto Adjustable Asphalt Compaction.

Experience teaches you that a compactor which has not been properly set up to perform at an optimum level cannot achieve the target compaction in the quickest, most efficient manner. Even worse, it can damage the mat by breaking aggregate. With Auto Adjustable Compaction (AAC), operators can be confident they are compacting at or near the machine's full potential, and also preventing unseen, unknown damage that may lead to premature mat failure.


Cat ® Compaction Control on asphalt compactors offers operators tools for improving performance and compaction.

How It Works

The exclusive Cat® Auto Adjustable Compaction system maximizes the potential of the machine by assessing the capacity of the mat to accept energy and adjusting the amplitude to deliver the optimal energy on each pass. The system utilizes both drums—functioning from the leading drum in the direction of travel—to ensure superior compaction as follows:

  1. The eccentric weight generates vibration, and then transmits this energy via the drum into the asphalt layer.
  2. The asphalt mat responds with feedback energy, which is measured by an accelerometer.
  3. The system then quickly adjusts the amplitude by phasing an internal and external eccentric mass, to a near decoupled state.This state represents the highest compaction force the mat can accept on each pass, thereby delivering the quickest density/stiffness growth possible.          
  4. As the mat nears maximum density, the system decreases the amount of energy delivered.

Each pass provides a Compaction Measurement Value (CMV). As compaction increases, the CMV value increases by smaller increments, indicating that the mat is nearing target density. While not a density measurement, the CMV number can be correlated to density in this way. Paving contractors utilizing AAC have found that it provides a reasonable indication of density for the composite asphalt layers.

Whether working on breakdown, intermediate or finish compacting, the automated system works equally well in both directions. Every pass automatically delivers the best compaction effort.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures amplitude is optimized automatically
  • Reduces risk of operators with less experience damaging the mat
  • Prevents decoupling / damage to asphalt automatically
  • Sensitivity allows for stiffness of different bitumen mixes
  • Helps produce uniform compaction
  • Reduces risk of over-compaction


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