Top 5 Benefits of 3D Paving

3D paving can save time and money. Find out the top five benefits:

1.Stakeless jobsites: Thousands of dollars can be saved by not having to stake the site.

2.Time savings: Work can begin, and continue into advanced earthmoving stages, while design adjustments are being made to the job.The paving process is also much quicker.

3.Smoothness specs: 3D paving enables working to tolerances within thousandths of a foot, which has an impact on bonus pay and helps make contractors more confident when bidding.

4.Material use: The precision minimizes material usage, providing further cost savings.

5.Quality: The technology helps operators of all skill levels succeed.

3D Paving
3D paving can save time and money.

F Series Pavers and Screeds

3D Paving

Fuel efficiency, quick-heating screeds and user-friendly technology are just a few of the benefits that the F-Series pavers provide, helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity on the jobsite.

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3D Paving Drives Race Track Construction

3D paving

A racetrack project requires smoothness, and the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park was no exception. 3D paving technology reduced engineering costs and helped meet tight tolerances on this paving job.

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