How to Manage Fatigue at Work


Download our Handbook for Tips on How to Be More Alert and Get Your Best Night’s Sleep Yet


Getting the quality and quantity of sleep we need each night is challenging. Our lives today are built around doing more and seeing everything; we are encouraged to spend our downtime on devices that keep us awake, with more sound, better lighting and quicker responses that disrupt our internal body clock.

For employees on shift-rosters, undertaking fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) work or generally not getting the sleep they need, you can provide them with a handbook that outlines all the simple steps they can take to get a better nights rest.

From the drive home to optimal coffee usage and the best exercise options, the Employee Fatigue Handbook provides the most realistic and actionable advice for FIFO and shift-workers, to help them postpone sleep until they can rest safely and improve the quality of sleep when they get it.

The handbook will teach you:

  • How to combat fatigue at work 
  • How to prepare for nightshift 
  • The impact fatigue is having on your performance 
  • How to get a better night’s sleep 
  • How to prevent fatigue
Download the handbook to discover how fatigue relates to safety and the tools you can use to mitigate and manage your fatigue.

Fatigue Risk Management System

Fatigue Risk Management System

Fatigue management can be done through the development of a practical, effective system that predicts, measures and mitigates fatigue and distraction risks. Caterpillar’s fatigue risk management system can be easily maintained, carefully monitored and continuously improved.

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Cat® Driver Safety System Puts Focus On Fatigue at CONEXPO

Cat® Driver Safety System Puts Focus On Fatigue at CONEXPO

Caterpillar’s Driver Safety System, highlighted at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, provides in-cab fatigue detection technology to keep operators alert and alive.

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