Driver Fatigue Detection

Driver Fatigue detection technology and a driver fatigue management plan helps manage fatigue and stops mining operators driving tired

Driver Fatigue Technology

Instant Fatigue Detection

Driver Safety System (DSS)

In-Cab Monitoring to Keep Operators Alert & Alive


Fatigue is inevitable. Incidents Aren't.


Manage Driver Fatigue with Instant Fatigue Detection Technology 

A driver fatigue monitoring system is used to detect the onset of sleep, and provide a means to mitigate and manage the risk of driving tired.

Caterpillar’s driver fatigue management technology uses advanced proprietary face and eye tracking algorithms to monitor eye-closure duration and head pose to detect fatigue and distraction. Hands-free, non-intrusive technology, the Driver Safety System (DSS) provides a best-in-class driver fatigue management solution that delivers instant, real-time intervention before accidents can occur. 

Comprised of a sophisticated driver facing sensor and infrared pods, the DSS works the moment a vehicle is turned on. When the DSS detects a fatigue or distraction event the operator is immediately alerted through configurable in-vehicle seat vibration and / or audio alarm.

The Driver Safety System, a driver fatigue detection technology by Caterpillar is fully supported with an expert team of fatigue consultants, education programs for operators, supervisors and management, as well as a 24/7 Fleet Monitoring Centre. Together, these teams help worksites manage driver fatigue risk and encourage tired operators to speak up.


Employee Fatigue Handbook: tips to prevent and manage fatigue

Get practical tips on how to prevent and manage fatigue as well as specific, actionable ideas for sleep management and improvement in the Employee Fatigue Handbook.

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