Changing the game

Changing the game

The first-ever vessels with fully integrated Cat® systems from bridge to propellers, AOS Intervention I and II are a giant leap forward for efficiency and dependability.

Julian Ang, Caterpillar Marine
As Project Manager, Julian oversaw the entire system integration process.

Why go all Cat machines? For Mekers Offshore Ltd. and Dajin Heavy Industries (the owner and shipbuilder), the reason is obvious. “What we look for in a supplier is reliability. They must be able to provide global service and support, 24/7,” says Dr. Cang Jie, Deputy General Manager at Mekers Offshore.
That support began long before the ship was even built. Because by serving as the sole supplier for all the components, Caterpillar was able to ensure quality control at every step.

This reduced risk for the shipyard, but it also made the design and construction process more efficient because it cut down on waste. Even the ships’ crews will benefit because a fully integrated system is easier to learn to operate – the equivalent of learning one language instead of several. In other words, it’s a win-win for everyone.
Jonas Nyberg, Product and Development Manager at Caterpillar Marine, describes how they delivered peace of mind:

“We worked hand in hand with the customer as a team streamlining everything from performing due diligence on equipment selection to benchmarking components, drawing up specs, and seeing to it that we got the most out of every piece of the system. This integrated way of working streamlined the process and delivered a better, more costcompetitive solution for the end user.”

Main Generators: (8) units of C32.
Propulsion: (4) units of MTA522CP + Main Motors + LoAmp Starter.
Emergency genset: (1) unit of C4.4. Bridge panels: Bridge Main and Miscellaneous consoles.

Electrical Integration: 690VAC, 440VAC and 220VAC Main Switchboard (MSB), Emergency Switchboard, Power Distribution boards, Transformers, Power Management system (PMS), Alarm Warning System, Shore Connection and Electrical Test Panel.

"What we look for in a supplier is reliability. They must be able to provide global service and support, 24/7”






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