Nothing but the ferry best

Nothing but the ferry best

The seabridges and marine highways that connect coastal areas and close-lying lands have long been an important part of our world, helping transport goods not to mention connect people and cultures. And, even with the advent of air travel and satellite communication, these continue to be vital links.

It’s ferry operators who remain at the heart of this, maintaining these sea routes by providing a valuable service to passengers and freight customers. However, the operators and suppliers such as Caterpillar Marine know that the ferry business must keep pace with the changing world if it is to survive and flourish.


We’ve seen how Irish Ferries and the crew of the Jonathan Swift look to compete with air travel by focusing on their trump card: an enjoyable, comfortable and still very fast journey for passengers. It’s a great response to the pressures of the modern world and what a ferry can do best.

Similarly, freight ferry operators have also seen how they can embrace the brave new digital world and become more connected, intelligent, scalable and rapid, working in collaboration with their freight customers to become a fully integrated part of their supply chain. Now, as part of their customers’ solution, they’re ideally placed to leverage the particular size and speed of ferry freight within a coordinated mix of air, sea, road and rail transport.


At Caterpillar Marine, we also know that the future means working in partnership with our ferry customers to come up with the best solutions – because with regular and very specific routes it’s an opportunity for very specific propulsion, power and control solutions that deliver the best performance, reliability, and lowest operating costs.

Of course, that means clever, customized propulsion, MaK and Cat® engines and gensets that provide new fuel and engine loading possibilities, scrubber technologies for emissions compliance and control systems to put the crew in total command. But, taking a leaf out of the ferry customers’ book, it also means embracing the new opportunities that digitalization can offer.


Leading the way is Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence. MAI provides digital services and solutions to customers such as Stena Line using data analytics and expert advisory services to predict and avoid equipment failures, reduce fuel and energy consumption and optimize maintenance.

In other words, nothing but the ferry best for our customers. And those who rely on them to get where they need to go.

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