Cat Dozers clean up in a secondary market

When it comes to the heavy equipment resale and auction markets, Cat® dozers are the top-selling brand says Industry Analyst Sam Giffin in the April 2015 issue of EquipmentWatch Intelligence. Giffin aggregates data from more 21,000 sales records captured during the first quarter of 2015.

He splits the data into two categories: one for standard machines, which excel in rocky or evenly compacted conditions, and another for Low Ground Pressure (LGP) models, which are preferred when surfaces are soft and uneven.

The numbers tell a compelling story.

Satisfaction comes standard

In the secondary market for standard dozers, demand for Cat machines was high across all size classes. As the graph indicates, the Cat brand appears on:

  • 44% of the smaller units sold (<84 hp)
  • 52% of the medium-sized models (85-159 hp)
  • 69% of the big machines (160-359 hp)
  • And 92% of the monsters (360+ hp)

LGP leads the way

Caterpillar was also the brand of choice for secondary buyers seeking LGP models. According to the data, you can find our name on:

  • 60% of the smaller units sold (<84 hp)
  • 66% of the mid-size machines (85-159 hp)
  • 71% of the big boys (160+ hp)

So what?

The facts speak for themselves. Regardless of size or configuration, Cat dozers are big sellers in the resale and auction markets. That can only mean good things for the value of your investment.

Long life and great resale value. That’s what we’re built to deliver.