Control accuracy: Cat® GRADE with Cross Slope

Get to grade faster and more accurately with this simple blade control system that requires no satellites or infrastructure. It automatically adjusts pitch on one side of the blade based on the operator’s manual input. The adjustment happens immediately, delivering a uniform elevation change across the cutting edge. The result is quick, precise grading with less fuel, material and effort. Curious about how much time and money this technology actually saves? Review results from a real-world production study conducted by a county highway department in rural South Dakota.

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Control bounce: Stable Blade

When a machine bounces, it can be nearly impossible to achieve a smooth, even grade. That’s why Caterpillar developed Stable Blade, a patented technology that detects and reduces bounce before it destroys your work. When Stable Blade senses bounce, it automatically reduces engine speed at 15 percent intervals until the machine stabilizes. Then it increases rpm systematically until a pre-set level is reached. Engine settings can be easily adjusted to match operator preferences and site conditions. Get this option on new M Series motor graders or order a retrofit kit for the machine you’re already running.

Control turns: Auto Articulation

Improve performance and maneuverability in tight spaces with Auto Articulation, a simple technology that lets your M Series grader articulate automatically as it’s steered. Using Auto Articulation and other integrated technologies reduces operator fatigue and improves productivity, especially on sites with curves, obstacles and turnarounds. New M Series and M Series 3 graders come from the factory with Auto Articulation hardware and include a 500-hour software demo. Retrofit packages are available for M, M2 and M3 models.

Control efficiency: Advanced Control Joysticks

Equip your motor grader with Advanced Control Joysticks to boost operator safety, efficiency and productivity. Easy to learn and easy to use, these revolutionary controls let operators steer, shift, articulate, adjust the blade, use automated grading systems and control auxiliary hydraulics—without taking their hands off the joysticks. An exclusive feature allows up to five frequently-used slopes to be saved and returned to in an instant for quick transitions between grades. Whether you’re clearing land, maintaining a road or removing snow, Advanced Control Joysticks will help you maximize efficiency.

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