Maintaining public roads is a never-ending job. Between routine grading, periodic resurfacing, snow removal and unforeseen events that require immediate attention, the demands on a motor grader fleet can be overwhelming. To keep pace with a relentless road-maintenance schedule, it’s critical to use your graders as efficiently as possible. Four integrated technologies from Caterpillar, available for M Series, M Series 2 and M Series 3 models, can help you optimize grader efficiency.

Cat® Grade Control Cross Slope: Speed and accuracy

Whether working on dirt, gravel or oiled roads, operators will grade faster and more accurately with this simple 2D system that requires no satellites or infrastructure. It automatically adjusts pitch on one side of the blade based on the operator’s input, instantly delivering a uniform elevation change across the cutting edge. This standard system will help any operator—from the new hire to the veteran—work quickly and precisely using less fuel and materials. And it can be easily upgraded to a 3D solution.

Stable Grade: Steady blade, precision grade

It’s tough to achieve a smooth grade with a bouncing blade. That’s why Caterpillar developed Stable Grade, an optional technology that automatically reduces engine speed at 15 percent intervals when bouncing is detected. Once the machine stabilizes, engine rpm increases systematically until a pre-set level is reached. You can customize machine response by adjusting engine settings to match your preferences. Using Stable Grade makes it easier for operators to work efficiently while meeting the public’s high expectations for smooth roads.

Auto Articulation: Better maneuverability

Grading around curves, obstacles and turnarounds just got easier, thanks to Auto Articulation. It’s a simple technology that allows a motor grader to articulate automatically as it’s steered, greatly reducing operator fatigue. Try it on a new M Series or M Series 3 machine or order a retrofit for your existing M Series model.

Advanced Control Joysticks: Safety and efficiency

Boost safety, efficiency and productivity with new controls that let operators steer, shift, articulate, adjust the blade, use automated grading systems and control auxiliary hydraulics—without taking their hands off the joysticks. Advanced Control Joysticks are easy to learn and easy to use and can make a big difference in grader efficiency.

Take control

Technology can help you overcome some of the challenges you face maintaining roads in your area. Caterpillar invites you to learn more about our integrated technologies for motor graders, then put them to use in your agency to control grader efficiency and operating costs.