Thank You,
Truck Drivers

During these hard times, you remain the critical link

truck drivers

An Open Letter to Truck Drivers

Dear Truck Drivers,

Thank you for doing the work. At a time when the space between us feels farther than ever, you cross that distance, traversing our country to bring the very food, equipment and supplies we need to get by. You are the connector. Every mile, every minute you spend on the road gets us closer to finding a semblance of normal during these long and unusual days.

For many of you, driving isn’t just a job, it’s a calling—one we are grateful you chose to answer. We see the sacrifices you make. The families you’ve left at home. The risk you’ve taken just by showing up. The new set of worries that extend beyond the bad drivers, weather or traffic. The road has never been easy, but you continue to rise to meet it.

This pandemic has placed a higher level of stress on our nation’s supply chain. You remain a critical link holding our country together. Thank you for your service during these challenging times. We hope you and your families stay safe.

Truck Drivers

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