Why Cat Buckets


Cat® buckets are more than just an add-on, they’re an extension of your Cat machines. Each one is perfectly balanced to our excavators so you can take on heaping loads without compromising fuel efficiency or machine health. And we built them to fill faster, retain your load and fit your task.

Faster Fill Times

Our edge configuration, tooth count and tooth spacing allow our buckets to dig deeper in less time and bucket design helps draw in material as you work.

Optional sidebar protectors and cutters offer extra power to pass through some of the densest and rockiest soils.

Fewer Trips

We’ve built a range of bucket sizes to ensure there’s an exact match to your truck’s hauling capacity or your trenching needs — because fewer passes translates to greater time and fuel savings.

Greater Material Retention

We believe you should only have to move material once. Our buckets’ shape and sidebars help hold in a full load, preventing spills even over rough terrain. Add optional side bar protectors and sidecutters for even more carrying capacity.