Find new ways to grow your margins.

Cash Flow

Your business is always changing. So are your financial needs. What is the best way to free up more cash? Could you restructure or refinance? Is ownership the only way to expand your fleet? Let's explore new possibilities for your business.

Sometimes the key to long-term success is having a strong partner by your side. When it comes to helping you build your success financially, Cat Financial is a flexible and reliable partner for construction operations of all sizes across North America. From capital solutions and operating lines of credit to leasing and debt reduction, Cat Financial gives you a wide range of solutions to help you meet the demands of your projects and help you build your success along the way. Giving you complete financial solutions that fit your business – we’re built to deliver just that.

Cat Connect — equipment, technology and services to help build your success.

Because every jobsite has its own unique challenges, you need technologies and services that can be combined and customized in ways that make the most sense for you and your business. Cat Connect is built to help you monitor, manage and enhance your operations in 4 key areas to give you more control of your jobsite.

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Cat Connect

Realize new financial options for your business

Cat Financial

Your business is always changing, and so are your financial needs. That’s why it’s good to know Cat Financial and all the ways we can help make your business stronger for life.


Watch the video of how Tiffany Construction got to know Cat Financial

Tiffany Construction

Lyndon Larson, corporate treasurer/controller of Tiffany Construction, speaks to Cat Financial's offerings in the construction market.

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Learn the 7 Tips to Improve Your Margins

K Series Wheel Loaders

When you’re competing for every dollar, you have to look for opportunities to safeguard your margins.

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