Improve your Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency isn't just about rising fuel prices; it's about your actual cost of production. How much work is done? Over what period of time? At what revenue rate? Let's do the math.

For anyone in the construction business, fuel efficiency is a very hot topic. As concerns about rising fuel prices, emissions and the environment continue to grow, we are likely to be working on these issues well into our future. Advanced engine technologies have given us a good start.

Right now, Cat® machines are helping customers realize incredible levels of fuel savings with no sacrifice in power. We’ll continue to deliver machines that get the most work out of every gallon of fuel because we’re committed to being your fuel efficiency leader. Getting more work out of every gallon – that’s what we’re built to deliver.

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Cat Connect — equipment, technology and services to help build your success.

Because every jobsite has its own unique challenges, you need technologies and services that can be combined and customized in ways that make the most sense for you and your business. Cat Connect is built to help you monitor, manage and enhance your operations in 4 key areas to give you more control of your jobsite.

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Cat Connect

Hear about the greater fuel efficiency of the Cat® 336E Hybrid Excavator

Cat® 336E Hybrid Excavator

The new Cat® 336E H Hybrid excavator has the same power, control, and capabilities as the workhorse 336E, but with at least 25 percent greater fuel efficiency.

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See how the Cat® E Series Excavators Boost Fuel Economy

Cat® 320E excavator

See how the new Cat® 320E excavator -- and outstanding dealer support -- made a huge impression on one Illinois-based contractor.

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See the power and fuel efficiency of Cat® 3049 Material Handlers

Cat® 3049 Material Handlers

The MH3049 Material Handler combines power and fuel efficiency to ensure your continued success.

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