Cat Connect for Paving

Cat® Connect for Paving

Improve Operator Performance with Cat® Connect Technology and Services

It’s no secret skilled operators are in high demand in the paving industry these days. Whether you face a shortage of qualified workers, anticipate retirements in the near future or simply want to keep your seasoned pros happy on the job, Cat® Connect can help. Find out how this intelligent suite of hardware, software and consultative services for the paving industry can help you get more out of any operator—regardless of experience level.

  • Compact is intelligent compaction technology available for many brands of asphalt and roller compactors. Real-time feedback empowers operators to do more accurate work, more quickly, improving uniformity and eliminating guesswork.
  • Grade is a machine control grading system available for many types of paving equipment. Intelligent control simplifies operation to reduce operator inputs and fatigue and improves efficiency up to 50% versus traditional methods.
  • Link is a telematics system available for all types and brands of paving equipment. Machine monitoring and remote fleet management help you track operator performance to identify training opportunities and motivate improvements.
  • Detect includes CCTV cameras and vehicle tracking devices for all types and brands of paving equipment. It increases operator visibility and confidence in any jobsite conditions.
  • Productivity Services help you align your resources to get top productivity from every operator.
  • Safety Services help prevent fatigue, distraction and other safety concerns from keeping your operators performing at peak levels.
  • Equipment Management Services include expert advice on using asset data to identify training opportunities, as well as performance reporting and benchmarking.



Improve efficiency up to 50% with machine control that helps you work faster and get to grade in fewer passes.

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Train every operator to get the most out of the equipment and monitor performance to continually optimize productivity.

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