Increase Productivity with Cat Connect Technology and Services

Cat® Connect for Paving

Increase Your Productivity with Cat® Connect Technology and Services

In the paving industry, the pressure’s always on to get more done in less time. That means you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency, whether you’re working on the base or the final surface. Discover how Cat® Connect, an intelligent suite of hardware, software and consultative services for the paving industry, can help you increase your productivity.

  • Compact is intelligent compaction technology available for many brands of asphalt and roller compactors. Advanced measurements and real-time guidance tell operators exactly when and where to work, so they can meet targets in fewer passes.
  • Grade is a machine control grading system available for many types of paving equipment. By automating machine functions, grade control can help your operators work faster, improving efficiency up to 50% versus traditional methods.
  • Link is a telematics system available for all types and brands of paving equipment. Machine monitoring and remote fleet management help you improve utilization and bid and schedule jobs more accurately.
  • Detect includes CCTV cameras and vehicle tracking devices for all types and brands of equipment. By reducing the chance of accidents and theft, it helps you keep your machines working when and where you need them.
  • Productivity Services include utilization trends, productivity benchmarks, onsite training, jobsite setup and design, and even guaranteed production results.
  • Equipment Management Services help you stay on top of monitoring, maintenance and repairs. You can benchmark peak performance and keep every asset operating at those levels.
  • Safety Services help you avoid lost production due to accidents by identifying when fatigue, distraction or unsafe actions may be jeopardizing productivity.



Know exactly when and where to keep working—and when to move on—with intelligent compaction technology.

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Take steps toward increased production with utilization reporting, benchmarking, onsite training, productivity monitoring and more.

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Cat Connect Technology & Services

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