Since we introduced our GC models a few years ago, we’ve been getting lots of questions about these machines: How are they different from performance and premium models? How do I know if they’re right for me? What applications are they best suited for? Let us answer your questions with a few of our own. Take this quiz to test your GC knowledge.

What’s the benefit of a GC model?

  Affordable price

  High fuel efficiency

  Low owning and operating costs

  All of the above

GC models offer an economical alternative to our performance and premium machines. They’re available at a lower price point upfront, and they’re designed to help you hold costs down over the machine lifecycle.

True or false? GC models may be more affordable, but they’re not as well made.

False. You don’t have to compromise on quality, reliability or safety when you choose a Cat® GC model. They’re designed by the same engineers and built to the same standards as any other Cat machine. Plus, they’re backed by the same dealer support and services you expect from Caterpillar. What makes them more affordable is that they’re simpler. They come with less onboard technology and fewer “bells and whistles.”

The ideal candidate for a GC model is someone who:

  Prioritizes owning and operating costs above all else

  Relies on onboard technology like grade control or payload weighing to get jobs done

  Uses machines in very demanding applications two or three shifts a day

If holding down costs per hour is your top priority, it makes sense to take a look at your GC options. The purchase price is attractive, and high fuel efficiency and simple maintenance keep everyday operating costs down.

GC models are dependable performers in which applications?

  Loading trucks

  Handling material

  Lighter-duty jobs

  Back-up roles

  All of the above

You can use a GC model successfully in excavation, earthmoving and load-and-haul applications — basically any job that doesn’t require the use of cutting-edge technology like grade control or onboard payload weighing.

True or false? There’s a big demand for GC machines.

True. Many contractors do want machines equipped with the latest technology and operator conveniences. But many others are just looking for high-performing machines that are simple to operate and easy to maintain. That’s why we introduced GC machines — to provide a different price point for those of you who want to keep fuel expenses and other owning and operating costs low, without sacrificing performance.

Do you have more questions about GC models and if they’re the right fit for your operation? Your Cat dealer has the answers.