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What’s driving up costs in your paving operation? Rising fuel prices? Excessive idle time or rework? Missed targets or material overruns? Or are you having trouble pinpointing your cost-control issues? Cat® Connect can help you identify and eliminate waste. See how you can use this intelligent suite of hardware, software and consultative services for the paving industry to reduce your costs.

  • Compact is intelligent compaction technology available for many brands of asphalt and roller compactors. By enabling higher compaction quality in fewer passes, it cuts your fuel use, labor hours and component wear.
  • Link is a telematics system available for all types and brands of paving equipment. Machine monitoring and remote fleet management help you track and reduce idle time and fuel burn, as well as better manage service to avoid downtime.
  • Grade is a machine control grading system available for many types of paving equipment. Intelligent control helps you get to grade in fewer passes, save fuel, reduce wear, eliminate material overruns and speed up project completion.
  • Detect includes CCTV cameras and vehicle tracking devices for all types and brands of paving equipment. It helps lessen the costs associated with lost time, lost production, equipment damage and unauthorized use of machines.
  • Equipment Management Services let you take advantage of third-party expertise to control costs related to asset use, maintenance and health.
  • Productivity Services help you identify and eliminate waste, spot training opportunities and even protect your margins through guaranteed production results.
  • Safety Services can minimize costly safety incidents resulting from fatigue and distraction and help you avoid fines for unsafe conditions or practices.



Use telematics and fleet tracking to identify and eliminate the wasted time and materials that cost you money.

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Reduce costly downtime by staying on top of monitoring, maintenance and repairs and freeing up your resources for other jobs.

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