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Keeping your people and assets safe and secure every day is a top priority. But in a busy quarry or aggregates operation, it can also present big challenges. You can’t be everywhere at once to monitor equipment, operators, ground workers and site visitors. That’s where Cat® Connect can help. Discover how to build—and sustain—a safety-first culture with this intelligent suite of hardware, software and consultative services for the quarry and aggregates industries.

  • Detect includes CCTV cameras and vehicle tracking devices for all types and brands of quarry and aggregates equipment. It alerts operators to people and objects in danger zones, improves visibility and lets you control who can operate equipment.
  • Payload is an onboard weighing system found on Cat wheel loaders, excavators, trucks and wheel tractor scrapers. It helps eliminate dangerous overloading and eases congestion by reducing truck time in the yard.
  • Link is a telematics system available for all types and brands of quarry and aggregates equipment. Machine monitoring and remote fleet management let you know when unsafe actions occur, so you can act quickly to prevent accidents.
  • Command is remote equipment technology found on select Cat dozers, wheel loaders and skid steer loaders. Heavy equipment remote control keeps operators off the machine in hazardous work environments.
  • Grade is a machine control grading system available for many types of quarry and aggregates equipment. Automated grade control reduces the need for stakes and checkers on site and lets operators focus on the work rather than the controls.
  • Safety Services help your employees understand and mitigate the risks of fatigue, distraction and unsafe actions in order to build a safety-first culture.
  • Productivity Services let you remove people from harm’s way when mapping sites or measuring productivity, as well as train operators to run equipment in the safest ways.
  • Equipment Management Services keep your machines in top shape, so you can avoid safety incidents resulting from equipment or component failure.



Use CCTV cameras and vehicle tracking devices to keep people and assets safe on the job.

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Protect your people and your bottom line by helping employees at all levels understand risks and act to mitigate them.

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