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Geospatial Mapping: Manage Your Jobsites from the Air


Reduce the time, expense and safety hazards associated with manual surveys. Compare plan versus progress to identify productivity opportunities. Share site data quickly and easily.

With Geospatial Mapping, your Cat® dealer arranges to map your jobsite using an aerial drone that takes high-resolution photos of the site and its topography. The drone captures changes in the landscape, letting you measure material movement and monitor how work is progressing. You get highly accurate maps and models—often within 24 hours of the flyover—that can be updated monthly, quarterly or twice a year.



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How do you know which service is right for your operation? The experts at your Cat dealer are here to help. They’ll work with you to determine what level of support you need—from simple information, to an added level of analysis and advice, to more comprehensive consultation.
Then, your dealer will help you identify the Cat Connect Services that address your biggest challenges. That may be one service or a combination of services that work together to help you get more out of your equipment, your people and your entire operation. Cat Connect Services are scalable, so you can start with just what you need and add on when it makes sense for your operation.

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