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Utilization Reporting: Monitor How Your Assets Are Performing


Boost productivity by identifying areas to increase utilization. Spot opportunities to reduce idle time and fuel use. See exactly how long it takes an asset to get work done.

Utilization Reporting organizes and prioritizes data collected from every asset and shows you how it’s performing over time—by shift, by workday or in aggregated fleet views depicting trends and patterns. Depending on machine model and Product LinkTM device and data subscription configuration, you can monitor and manage hours and fuel use along with payloads, speeds, time involved in a task and much more. Choose the frequency and detail level of your online reports and generate weekly or monthly summaries. You can also pull the data via API feeds.



Getting Started with Cat Connect Services

How do you know which service is right for your operation? The experts at your Cat dealer are here to help. They’ll work with you to determine what level of support you need—from simple information, to an added level of analysis and advice, to more comprehensive consultation.
Then, your dealer will help you identify the Cat Connect Services that address your biggest challenges. That may be one service or a combination of services that work together to help you get more out of your equipment, your people and your entire operation. Cat Connect Services are scalable, so you can start with just what you need and add on when it makes sense for your operation.

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Operator Safety Monitoring

Bring fatigue and distraction prevention into the cab with the dealer-installed Driver Safety System.

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