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Whether you’re looking to get to grade in fewer passes, load and haul material more efficiently or get to compaction levels in fewer passes, it all comes down to one thing—getting more work done in less time. But how do you achieve that without cutting corners on quality or eating into profits? Cat® Connect Technology and Services can help you solve big production challenges. Cat Connect is an intelligent suite of hardware, software and services that help you get more out of every asset and jobsite.


How much more accurate and profitable is a technology-enabled road construction project than a traditional one? Download the white paper to see the results of a real production study.

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All the Work, Half the Time

Adding Cat Grade technology to its fleet is paying off big time for Eagle Excavation. Using a GPS-equipped Cat dozer recently shaved two weeks off the duration of a 95,000-cubic-yard earthmoving project. Another bonus? Cost savings in the range of $12,000 to $15,000.

“GPS keeps people on tractors all day long,” says President Bill Dillan. “There’s no one running around trying to put stakes in the ground. There’s nobody getting off to check grade.”

That includes operators like Corey Mikell, who can now get to grade in just two passes. “Production efficiency is way higher because you get the job done in half the time,” he says.


45 Days Ahead of Schedule

An 861-acre site, five million cubic yards of earth to move and a tight timeline may sound daunting, but not to Brad Cole Construction.

“Having GPS technology allows us to be more competitive,” says Executive Vice President Ron Cryer of Cat Grade with 3D on the company’s dozers. “It’s really helped us on this project by allowing us to establish grades accurately and more efficiently.”

It’s helping Brad Cole Construction stay ahead of project deadlines, too.

“3D grade control definitely speeds up production,” says Project Superintendent Jeff Weaver. “It gives our operators the advantage of making one pass versus three or four passes.”

The result? “We’re actually slated to complete this project about 45 days early,” Cryer says. “That translates into a satisfied customer.”

9,000+ Passes Eliminated

Facing an enormous soil compaction challenge on an earthen dam project in northern Greece, the TENA SA crew tackled it with the help of Cat Compact.

TENA was responsible for placing 138 feet of compacted material on an existing 108-foot embankment, applying it in 7.8-inch layers and compacting it to 5.9 inches. Working in sandy clay made achieving uniform compaction and monitoring densities difficult.

Enter Machine Drive Power (MDP). This machine-integrated soil compaction measurement technology evaluates rolling resistance while it works, enabling much faster discovery of inconsistencies across an entire site—and it works in any type of soil.

“MDP saved us considerable time and certainly money,” says President and CEO George Nathanailidis—and he has the numbers to prove it. MDP helped eliminate a stunning 9,520 passes, and it more than doubled productivity on the remaining passes by increasing the compactor’s working speed from 1.2 mph to 2.8 mph.

“I would recommend others use it because of fast measurement compaction, accuracy, reliability and increased productivity,” Nathanailidis says.


Cat® Grade


Improve efficiency up to 50 percent versus traditional methods by working faster and getting to grade in fewer passes.


Cat Compact


Meet compaction specs in fewer passes by knowing exactly when and where to keep working—and when to move on.


Cat Payload


Reduce cycle times up to 10 percent compared to loading systems with traditional scales by moving more material, more accurately.

Make More Money

Fuel burn. Material overruns. Rework. Component wear. Insurance coverage. Cat Connect helps you drive down these costs by minimizing waste, errors, idle time, wear, equipment damage and more.

Get More from Every Operator

Short of operators with experience? Want to get even more out of your seasoned pros? Cat Connect empowers operators of any skill level to do more work—more quickly and accurately.

Work More Safely

Making sure your team and equipment are safe and secure is a top priority. Cat Connect helps you move people out of harm’s way, keep operators focused on their work and prevent unauthorized equipment use.

Cat Connect Technology & Services

Boost productivity and efficiency on every machine and jobsite.

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