Drive Down Costs by Identifying and Eliminating Waste

Every day, it seems like something’s eating into your profits. Perhaps excess idle time is driving up fuel burn. Maybe operators are taking too long to hit performance targets, which increases labor costs, creates rework and keeps you from moving on to the next job fast.

How do you find, and then fix, those areas where expenses are out of control? Cat® Connect Technology and Services are up to the challenge. Cat Connect is an intelligent suite of cost-cutting hardware, software and services that can help you boost profits.


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Explore the technology and services or read on for some real-world examples of Cat Connect in action.

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Fuel Savings Topping $150,000

With rising fuel prices cutting into profit margins, Strack, Inc. President Jonathon Strack began looking for a competitive edge. He found it in Cat Link.

“Any tool that helps you find a way to be a smarter contractor just puts money in your back pocket,” Strack says of VisionLink®, which he uses to monitor his fleet, track fuel burn and compare idle versus run time. “You’ll know exactly what your fleet’s doing.”

Another company using VisionLink to cut costs is Idle Sands. The sand and gravel contractor started a fuel management project with Caterpillar and Holt, a Caterpillar dealer, in 2016 that included not just technology, but also services—operator training, a production study with drone analysis and haul road adjustments. The result? A five percent drop in idle time and fuel savings of $150,000.

“Not only are we idling less, but we’re running the equipment more efficiently,” says Idle Sands’ Zack Aragon. “All that stuff put together really helped us in the long run.”

75 percent Fewer Passes, 75 percent Fewer Testing Cost

Ask the team at McAninch Corp. why they use Cat Compact and you get a simple answer: “It’s a game-changer: better measurements and better roads at a lower cost,” says Don Taylor, project manager at the Iowa highway, utility and heavy construction firm.


The system tracks rolling resistance in real time and delivers results in the cab, making it easy for operators to assess work in progress. A green image means compaction targets have been met; red indicates there’s more work to be done.

Using Cat Compact to help prepare a site for a new on-off ramp structure, McAninch reached target density in 75 percent fewer passes—reducing fuel costs and compactor wear and tear. The company also cut compaction testing costs on the project by 75 percent and eliminated costly rework by identifying problems while the base was still open.

Efficiencies Mean Savings—Potentially $300,000 Worth

Pulling all its machines into one fleet management platform is driving big efficiency gains for EBC, a Canadian construction firm—gains leading to increases in productivity, reductions in idle time and a potential $300,000 savings on one off-highway utilization project alone.

Cat Link connects EBC to its dealer, Hewitt, with accurate, timely, useful information about equipment location, utilization and condition. EBC then uses VisionLink to access customized health and utilization reports, mapping and mixed fleet capabilities.

“We provide the data to the jobsite, so now people on the jobsite can focus on their work,” says EBC’s Philippe Naud. “For us, it’s much easier to do our work.”


Cat® Link


Start using every asset more efficiently, and identify and eliminate the wasted time and materials that cost you money.


Cat Compact


Achieve higher quality compaction results in fewer passes, reducing fuel use, labor hours and component wear.


Cat Grade


Get to grade and on to the next job faster, minimizing the costs associated with rework, material overruns and grade stakes.

Do More Every Day

Get more done without sacrificing quality or profits. Cat Connect helps you grade more efficiently, gain productivity, load more accurately and achieve compaction levels in fewer passes—so you can hit your targets every time, in less time.

Get More from Every Operator

Short of operators with experience? Want to get even more out of your seasoned pros? Cat Connect empowers operators of any skill level to do more work—more quickly and accurately.

Work More Safely

Making sure your team and equipment are safe and secure is a top priority. Cat Connect helps you move people out of harm’s way, keep operators focused on their work and prevent unauthorized equipment use.

Cat Connect Technology & Services

Boost productivity and efficiency on every machine and jobsite.

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