Payload – Understanding the Benefits of Onboard Weighing Systems

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Cat® Payload Technology

What can Cat Payload do for me?

With its onboard weighing systems and real-time feedback in the cab, Cat® Payload does more than simply eliminate trips to the weighing scale. It also helps you boost productivity, drive down costs, increase operator efficiency and run a safer jobsite. Here’s how:

  • On-the-Go Load Weighing helps operators hit exact loading targets every time, increasing productivity and reducing cycle times. Eliminating overloading reduces excessive wear, expensive tire damage and dangerous material spills. Eliminating under-loading means you can move more in fewer loads, saving time and fuel.

  • In-Cab Displays let operators easily see bucket and truck load weights, track load counts and material movement, and monitor productivity and fuel efficiency in real time. On hauling tools, payload lamps and external scoreboard displays provide load status to the loader operator. It all increases accuracy to reduce costly errors and rework.
  • Comprehensive Reporting lets you track key performance indicators like daily production tonnage, truck load counts, tons/hour, tons/fuel burned and more, then make improvements to boost productivity and profits.


What technology is available?

Choose Cat Payload onboard weighing systems designed specifically for Cat wheel loaders, excavators, articulated trucks, off-highway trucks and wheel tractor scrapers. They’re available on new equipment from the factory, as dealer-installed options or as retrofits in some cases.


How do I get started with Onboard Weighing Systems?

Your Cat dealer can help you choose the right technology, manage installation if needed and train your people to help you get the best return on your investment.

Cat Payload for Wheel Loaders


Tip-off modes let you quickly adjust the last bucket load during the final pass, and low-lift weighing means there’s no need to run through the entire lift cycle.

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Cat Payload for Excavators


Weigh loads as the boom swings with no interruption in the loading cycle, and tip-off excess material from the bucket to achieve desired weight.

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Cat Payload for Articulated Trucks


Payload lamps and external scoreboard displays provide loader operators with accurate, onboard load status information.

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