Machine Choices


No one knows your work better than you. But knowing which machines can do the most for your work? That’s where we can help. While machine versatility continues to evolve, so do the features, configurations and technologies—all to deliver substantial results for certain working applications or operational goals. The reality is this: machines choices are more important than ever. That’s why Caterpillar offers purpose-driven options across the board, and across its product lineups. Check out what each machine family offers, then explore the product pages to consider choices for each model.


Excavators Excavators


When you think “versatile machines,” you think excavators. Well, even choosing a Cat® Excavator feels versatile. From size to type to configuration to technology, Caterpillar offers the broadest lineup in the industry. Start with machine size. Do working conditions call for a wheeled excavator? Maybe in tight spaces, you need a compact radius. More than likely, your “go-to” track excavator is suited for the work. The 20-ton and 30-ton next generation Cat excavators offer multiple choices within each weight class, tailored to your work goals. Maximize production and fuel efficiency with breakthrough technologies. Or, set your sights on balancing production with the lowest cost-per-hour. After your excavator selection, set up your machine features to deliver what you need from power modes to grading technologies, even down to work attachments. One thing doesn’t change. When you choose a Cat excavator, you get a purpose-built industry leader—ready to work for you.




Dozers Dozers

Dozers to work for you

Dozers help you do more on your jobsite. To choose the best fit for your needs, you have to consider application, materials and interaction with other pieces of equipment. Next generation dozers offer best-in-class options, whether it be low maintenance and easy operation or top productivity and efficiency. Once you select the dozer itself, you’re ready to make the dozer yours. Choose your blade, undercarriage, counterweight, attachments or track to build a tractor that gets the most from your work. Turn the dial on scalable technologies as jobs and budgets change, from a full range of telematics to grade control options for every skill level. With a wide range of options, there is a dozer that will work for you—so talk to your dealer to be sure you get the ultimate performer for your type of work.




Medium Wheel Loaders Medium Wheel Loaders


Whatever your work demands, you'll find a Cat medium wheel loader that gets it done. At the bottom of the medium weight class, the 950 comes with options. If you don’t run a full day but need hard work when it’s running—you’ll love the 950 GC and its dependable performance. For longer hours and more demanding work? The 950M delivers serious production gains, thanks to its versatile features and technologies. Heavier loaders like the 966M/972M XE offer Tier 4 Final ACERT™ Engines and XE advanced powertrains, which can combine to lower fuel consumption by over 25 percent. These loaders especially excel where poor underfoot conditions make traction difficult. Beyond the machine, be sure to choose the best bucket for your work goals—whether rock penetration, impact resistance, abrasion protection or smooth floor maintenance. M Series Loaders come with Cat Connect solutions to optimize safety, efficiency and productivity. No matter the make, technologies or the added features—your medium wheel loader makes your jobs safer, faster, more precise and profitable.




Motor Graders Motor Graders

Motor Graders for Your edge

Standard or All-Wheel Drive? Steering wheel or joystick? Whatever your preference, there’s a motor grader for you—ready to match your needs in any application. M3 Series Motor Graders come with APECS Software, improving torque consistency and the option for an autoshit that works 25 percent faster. Use the Eco Mode to reduce engine speed and improve your fuel efficiency, or enable the Engine Idle Shutdown Timer to reduce fuel burn and emissions when your engine reaches a set period of idle time. If you’re working in soft underfoot conditions, the All-Wheel Drive models deliver better power to the ground. Another option available is the Cat Steering Compensation System, which improves control with a “powered turn,” which increases the speed of the outside tire to improve control and turn radius in soft conditions. From configuration setup to selection of fine-tuned features, your motor grader options keep your production moving forward.




Articulated Trucks Articulated Trucks

Articulated Trucks

Big payloads and fast cycle times—from more trucks with more options than ever before. The articulated truck lineup offers choices well beyond size class. Ejector trucks push materials out of the back of the truck bed, allowing you to work in areas with restricted overhead clearance and soft underfoot conditions. The 740 GC incorporates the latest automatic retarder-control system, which requires no input from the operator, resulting in greater operating efficiency. The redesigned 730, weighing 22 percent less than its predecessor, the 730C, still retains 98 percent of its predecessor's capacity. The new 730C features automatic traction control, dumping and retarding, as well as the Cat Stability Assist system. The full lineup offers new engines with more power, advanced transmission control, enhanced operator amenities and new serviceability features. Explore all of your options for articulated trucks today.